Monday, June 20, 2011

MMM yummy Japanese paper...

Oh oh oh got amazing japanese paper last week. I've been like a kid in a candy store playing around with it... I love the way its gold highlights sparkle when it hits the light. There are two main types I do to use,

One is Chiyogmai, Chiyogami is a specific word developed to describe the graphic, repetitive designs applied to paper in the Edo period. Originally these patterns were printed by woodblock for use in paper doll and small accessory making. In the twentieth century, these patterns began to be applied using silkscreens and this continues today.
They apply the colours layer by layer which really makes the designs "POP"

the other is
"Katazome-shi" which means stencil-dyed (katazome) papers (-shi), and is also referred to as "Wazome ." As the name implies, they are stencilled - with traditional materials, and the care that comes with craftsmanship by hand - to produce unforgettable, intense colours and patterns. like this one below
I buy most of my papers in Daintree in Camden street or Online from craft stores, only prob with online sites is you can't see the paper quality until after... which has disappointed me a few times..

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