Monday, June 29, 2009

Crafty market

I'll be at the Crafty Market this weekend, so next few nights will be spent on last minute crafting and labeling. If your in Dublin, Come on down and say Hi. mention you've read the blog to get your 10% discount...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Spa Spa Spa

Sitting here on a friday morining... and why am I here on a friday and not cutting wedding invites? Well I'm waiting for my friend Ciara to pick me up so we can go on a well deserved Spa break. Going to the carlton hotel in bunclody, where we will be massaged and oiled and made beautiful. Then tommorrow we shall come back up here to dublin and go out dancing to show the world our beautiful pores and soft skin.

Ok I'm giddy but its been a while since I've had a girly weekend, and given that I've the crafty market coming up along with other stuff this will be last relax in a while...

So as a wise child once said na na na na na..

Oh this is why I'm not answering emails til mon, oh must grab my camera

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Doodle Stitch

Joy of joy's I have a new craft... I'm like a little craft heart breaker. i see them fall head over heels, pledge my life long devotion but then something pretty comes along and zooom I'm gone... Shallow yes?

But join with me in this one, Doodle sticthing, stitch what you like on to anything, no counting boxes, no searching for exact colours or fabrics... love it. Now pass me a hoop I shall be sewing me dears..

Really good book actually, got it on amazon. Clear instructions, step by step of each stitch and tips and hints on using each fabric. Shall I be displying some stitch ware at the Crafty Market? Time will tell....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crafty market

Woohoo found out I've got a stall at the crafty market on the 5th of July...

Check it out here

More details to follow...

I'm a Winner

Look what I got in the post this morning, a fab little letterpressed notecard set. I won them from the Farrell & Chase blog. They are so nice I want to start sending notes to everyone. So Thanks Pamela... hmm wonder if she does them in Pink butterflys too my daughter would love them....

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I've been a very bad blogger last two weeks... been sick sniff sniff. Toyed with the idea of it being swine flu then kicked myself for being melodramatic about a head cold. Went to The lovely Julie from refresh on Camden St and got some manuka honey syrup and breath deep tea... Feel so much more alive now.

Read lots of books though to make up for my laziness, or did the just compond my laziness so have to say love The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson, The other Queen by Phillpa Gregory, The secret scripture by sebastion barry, The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff. Their this weeks books just started on Lady Jane grey by Alison Weir. Didn't know she wrote fiction too love her non fiction tudor works.

Craft wise I've been slooooowww, got some beautiful marble beads so been playing with them, Have a craft fair on the 23rd or 24th of june so must get stuck in... photos to follow I promise

Twisted Pepper

Went to a great Art expo on in the twisted pepper on middle abbey st, Its where the old traffic used to be. It was a showcase on some young Irish artists and their work. Loved a piece by Hugh Harte, a dun laoighire scupltor student, it was a sculpture piece made from driftwood, springs, stone and bone. Resembled the justice weighing scales statue. I'm so so sorry i didn't take a photo... wonder if he has a site....

twisted pepper is here they have regular art shows on thurs night...