Sunday, March 28, 2010


I'm finding it hard to photograph my jewellery, cards are easy because you just need to display the front. But these 3d pieces are stumping me, the photo's always look slighty help. Think I'll have to rope in some photogenius friends to help.

I love making marbled jewellery, chunky pieces shot with bright colours, like the ones above from a previous market... any tips on good photos people?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Have to clear out

Thinking Of putting up some of my stamps on ebay or etsy, really have to start clearing out my stuff. Well if i was really clearing out I'd start with the paper... but well I love the paper. If there was ever a fire in my house I'd be in trouble...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Its Hip to be Square Fabric packs

Just starting to sell on ebay and Etsy, its a bit of a vicious circle. No one knows if they can trust you to buy from because you have no feedback but you can't get feedback because no one's bought from you =) Anyone else have this? I just hope someone takes that first leap of faith.

Anyway today I put up some new fabric packs, cool squares of patterns and differant texture for people you like card making, scrapbooking, badge maker, sewing.... list is endless. Selling a pounds worth, as in weighing a pound not £1 sterling so there pretty big bags

Theres wool in them, felt,satin,chiffon,cotton bouth plain and pattern, paisley, stripes,check,damask, etc etc etc I try put good mix of fabric and colours

Check out some of the patterns included... some customising of clothes me thinks. I used the hot pink paisley to make pin cushions. Actually do I really want to clear them out. this always happens, I say I'm getting rid of something then I find a new way to use it...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Shoe In for best gift idea

What do you get the girl who has everything? Why more shoes of course! It was my cousin Nessa's 21st yesterday and I wanted to buy her shoes but none caught my eye. So.... I made some, got some plain shoes and decorated them with button, ribbons and butterflys. Here's some before and after pics, check out the cool racing stripes on the back of the heels, very sexy!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Not so Red Velvet Cupcakes

Should have been colour below but i think pink icing brightens it up!

made some cupcakes today from the Rachel Allen cookbook, They were meant to come out reall red but didn't use enough food colouring so there more brown. Kind of disappointed so went crazy decorating them instead... Glitter, Melted choc, hundreds and thousands etc...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Swine Flu, Moving and other Boring Details

I've been awol from this blog for a while for... well above mentioned reasons. My darling daughter Ceri got swine flu at the end of the year which was the most scary thing to have ever happened to me. Seeing your child that sick is horrific, heartbreaking and more. But she's fine now, happy and well. We also moved house (insert stress here) and as we downsized ( insert recession chic here) I know have to clear out my craft stuff. I can no longer keep a room for fabric, room for paper etc so having a clearout and selling a good lot off. Have some bits on etsy to start off but maybe markets will clear too.
I will keep you up to date over next few days as I start delving into boxes and unearthing more goodies