Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weddings, oh how I love weddings...

As you prob know work in a pretty cool Paper/Wedding shop so I adore weddings. I'm a hopeless romantic and nothing makes me smile more then a bride all excited and happy. In the last few months two of my friends have got engaged and I LOVE IT! I get to indulge in making lots of invites, menus, placecard samples and I can make whatever I want. Woohoo love designing unusual invites.

Yesterday had a little play with some new metallic aubergine card I got and whipped up a sample for my cousin Lisa, we just won't tell her yet as my wedding organising skills are freaking her a bit. (it is normal to know where you can get 500 miniture white ponys isn't it?) So heres a sneak peek more to follow over next few weeks. Apologies for bad picture I still have a touch of the shakes and no one else to take photo for me...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My finished scarves!!!

Here of some pic's of finished scarves, Enjoyed making them. Might do some more, there so soft and cuddley and thank god you don't need steady hands to knit. My lovely mum took the pictures for me, (thanks Mum!). Finished them off with Lovely felt balls and shapes from blooming felt, really makes a differance.

Gonna make some inny scarves i.e scarves you can wear indoors, I think i'll need them over next while. Did I say the reason I'm shaky and can't do much crafting is I had an asthma attack over the weekend so recoperating at home. But the steriods and other meds have me shaking like crazy. So back to the sofa with me....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Felty Handbag

Was browsing online for cute handbags and look what a found! its a cute bag from felt balls from daisy daisy ethical gifts. Not only is it fab to look at its got my mind whirling with ideas for some felt i got hanging around...

Scarves Scarves Scarves

Under the weather at the moment so turning to wool to cheer me up, knitting scraves you know its autumn... Hopefully will have some to show for the next market. I love two tone colours been mixing up some fuzzy greens and Oatmeal aran wools with simple stocking stitch. Hopefully will have photos to show soon... Thinking of finishing them off with felt balls and beads? any ideas? would love some inspiration. The selection above is from bossy boots design...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Its that time again

Crafty market time, Its on again this sunday 11am to 5pm. Dublin Food Co-op on Newmarket square. Check out the website here, I'll be selling

Craft Supplies and more