Thursday, March 4, 2010

Swine Flu, Moving and other Boring Details

I've been awol from this blog for a while for... well above mentioned reasons. My darling daughter Ceri got swine flu at the end of the year which was the most scary thing to have ever happened to me. Seeing your child that sick is horrific, heartbreaking and more. But she's fine now, happy and well. We also moved house (insert stress here) and as we downsized ( insert recession chic here) I know have to clear out my craft stuff. I can no longer keep a room for fabric, room for paper etc so having a clearout and selling a good lot off. Have some bits on etsy to start off but maybe markets will clear too.
I will keep you up to date over next few days as I start delving into boxes and unearthing more goodies

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