Monday, March 8, 2010

Its Hip to be Square Fabric packs

Just starting to sell on ebay and Etsy, its a bit of a vicious circle. No one knows if they can trust you to buy from because you have no feedback but you can't get feedback because no one's bought from you =) Anyone else have this? I just hope someone takes that first leap of faith.

Anyway today I put up some new fabric packs, cool squares of patterns and differant texture for people you like card making, scrapbooking, badge maker, sewing.... list is endless. Selling a pounds worth, as in weighing a pound not £1 sterling so there pretty big bags

Theres wool in them, felt,satin,chiffon,cotton bouth plain and pattern, paisley, stripes,check,damask, etc etc etc I try put good mix of fabric and colours

Check out some of the patterns included... some customising of clothes me thinks. I used the hot pink paisley to make pin cushions. Actually do I really want to clear them out. this always happens, I say I'm getting rid of something then I find a new way to use it...

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Erin said...

I have some of those materials pictured :) I am a DIY fanatic and spend my raining days stitching dresses and embroidering unwanted tops...I never seem to wear anything I make though I do wear the stuff I your blog!

Love love love,