Friday, August 28, 2009

Ceri in Kerry

My Beautiful daughter Ceri in kerry

Torc waterfall in the Killarney national park

Check out Muckross abbey above, in killarney

Been AWOl for a while chilling in Kerry with my family. Its the first time I brought my 7yr old daughter and she loved it. Her name is Ceri (short for Ceridwen) but its pronounced Kerry so it was quite fun calling out for her in the street. All the kerry locals thought i was just loving the county. It was just the break I needed to recover from hectic wedding season and refresh me.

I'm home a few days but want to go back, Killarney national park is fab, get a bike, throw on some trainers and hike around it or for fun rent a horse and buggy, great craic. Went to fab resturant called Mac's on the Main st, would def recommend to all. The ring of kerry, what can you say but wow, its easy to get blase about irish scenery but the landscapes around the ring are out of this world.

When can I go Back?

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lettiez said...

Fab pic's nikki Ceri is getting tall